Catering Menu

Just Jeff's Catering provides the best quality and uniqueness you want for any event. From parties as small as 8 up to 1200 and everything in between. Give us a call with your order. You can all so let Jeff personalize your party by creating your special theme Menu.

Meal Solutions Menu

Just Jeff's Heat & Serve Meals are designed to put time back into people's lives by offering fresh well balanced meals that can be heated at your convenience. No preservatives added and are all homemade fresh daily. It's the future in "Fast Food". Feel good about what you serve your family.

Holiday Menus

If you're the host of any holiday function, you know how busy it can be preparing for your friends and family shopping, chopping, simmering, baking, cooking, dishes, and cleaning. Did you get a chance to enjoy your company? probably not. Our Holiday Menus are designed so you can enjoy your guests and great food without all the work.